Learn about the Open Offers feature, which are offers you can accept without even makinf a Request.


NOTE: The Open Offers feature is currently only available on the browser version of Otsukai. If you are using the app, take a look at otsukai.com to see what Open Offers are available.

On 14 June 2019, Otsukai implemented a new feature called Open Offers

Usually, you can only accept offers which have been made on a Request that you have made yourself.
With the new Open Offers system, there may be cases where you can accept offers that have been made to other people.

Under certain circumstances, a Buy now button may appear on offers made on other users' Requests.
To learn more about how the system works, please see the FAQ down below.

What is an Open Offer?

  • An Open Offer is just like any other offer on Otsukai, except that it may become available to be purchased by other users when certain conditions apply. The conditions are:
    • The Friend has set their offer to become an Open Offer.
    • A certain amount of time has passed since the offer was originally made.

Not all offers will become Open Offers. 

How do I know if an offer made on another person’s Request is an Open Offer?

  • You can tell if an offer is an Open Offer because a price will be displayed when you are browsing the All Offers page. When you click on See more you will see an orange ‘Buy now’ button, which allows you to accept the Offer. 

How do I know if an offer made on one of my Requests is an Open Offer?

  • There is currently no indication on your Request's page that an offer made to you is an Open Offer. However, when you are browsing the All Offers page, Open Offers will be indicated by a price on the pictures. 

I received an offer on a Request I made, but I when I took a look at it, the price had changed.

  • The Open Offer price is usually slightly different as it must take into account the different shipping zones available. You must be logged into Otsukai directly to see the price offered directly to you, which takes into account only the shipping rate for your country.

What happens if I accept an Open Offer?

  • If you click on Buy now, you will be prompted to make payment via PayPal just like when you accept any other Request. The Offer will disappear from the original Request and a new Request will automatically be created for you. You don’t need to take any extra steps after accepting the offer.

How do I stop Friends from making Open Offers on my timeline?

  • It is completely up to the Friends to decide whether or not the offer they make you will become an Open Offer.
    However, in order to give priority to the user who made the Request, offers will not become Open Offers right away. All Offers have expiration dates of 1-14 days on them. An Offer can only become an Open Offer after half this time period has passed.

    • For example, if an offer is valid for 10 days, it will only become an Open Offer after 5 days have passed.

One of the offers made to me has disappeared. Why?

  • There are two main reasons why an offer made on your Request may have disappeared from your timeline.

    1. The Friend has deleted it. (This may be due to the item becoming unavailable etc)

    2. The offer was purchased via Otsukai’s new Open Offer system.

The Open Offer system is still very new to Otsukai and we expect there to be many questions. If anything is not clear, please create a support ticket to talk to a member of the Otsukai support team.
Create a new ticket: https://otsukaimangatokyo.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new