Learn about what makes a good Request on Otsukai. Check out what items cannot be Requested on Otsukai before making your first Request.


What to request

Feel free to request any merchandise from Japan you like! 

For example: 

  • Anime figures 
  • Anime merchandise
  • Manga
  • Magazines
  • Merchandise from voice actors, actresses or idol groups
  • CDs
  • Cosplay items and accessories
  • Japanese sweets
  • and more!

What not to request

  • English-version or English-subtitled manga, games, anime 

Please keep in mind that your Friend is in Japan. Therefore manga, anime, games etc in English or with subtitles might be a little bit difficult to find. Even if your Friend manages to find the requested items, they will cost more than the Japanese version as the friend will have to import it to Japan before they can send it to you.

  • Please do not request any items that are on our List of Items Prohibited or Restricted to Import for example perfume, nail polish, counterfeits or pirated items etc. Users that consistently request items from this list will have their account suspended.
  • We do not allow Requests for imitation weapons, even if they are for cosplay purposes. Some countries are very strict and may confiscate your items.
  • Unlicensed items
    • Otsukai only deals with officially licensed goods. This means that the manufacturer has the rights to use the anime/ manga characters etc in their products. Sometimes there are items which use the images of the characters without permission, and they are unlicensed merchandise. If we find that you have made a Request for such items, we will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you didn't realize the merchandise was unlicensed. We will contact you if we delete your Request, or we may stop Friends from making offers without warning.
    • If you are unsure whether or not an item is licensed, click on 'New Support Ticket' to contact a member of our support team.
  • e-books or other digital media (including iTunes vouchers)
    • Unfortunately Otsukai cannot allow the transaction of digital books or manga etc. This is because Otsukai is specifically for the transaction of physical goods. Although we would love to provide a service which would allow you to buy Japanese e-books with ease, it is currently not possible for us. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.
  • Non-Japanese items
    • Please keep in mind that your Friend is in Japan. Therefore, it is difficult for them to get hold of non-Japanese items. In particular, we tend to get a lot of Requests for Funko Pop Vinyl figures, which are NOT Japanese. Please be sure that the item you are Requesting is sold in Japan before you make a Request.

More to come.