How do I pay for an item?

For now we only accept PayPal as the only payment method. More methods are likely to come.

After confirming the Friend’s offer, you will be redirected to the PayPal page. PayPal is a safe way of completing transactions because of its secure and encrypted website and buyer’s protection.

Service Fee

A service fee of 10% applies for each offer you accept and is included in the final price your Friends offer you.

Purchases made with PayPal are charged a 8% fee.

Please note that when you pay with PayPal, a fee of about 8% will be incurred. Therefore the price that the Friend will offer you will include the 8%  charge (PayPal and currency conversion charge) on top of shipping costs etc. Just to be clear, the price that the Friend offers you is the price you pay.

What does the offered price include?

The price offered to you includes the following:

☆ The price the Friend needs to pay for the item and, if applicable, the packaging
☆ The international shipping charges (+ domestic shipping charges if the Friend buys the item online)
☆  A PayPal charge of 8% and a service charge of 10%

In what currency will the payment be conducted?

All transactions occur in USD (United States Dollars). Please be careful that your PayPal account is able to make transactions in this currency.

I don’t have PayPal, can I still make a Request?

We are sorry, but PayPal is currently the only accepted payment method on Otsukai.