Safety and Support

Learn how Otsukai keeps you and your money safe.

Peace of mind with Otsukai

Otsukai prides itself on its safety and security for all of our users. We safely keep hold of your money until your item has arrived, meaning that you don't have to worry about any potential scammers taking advantage of the site. 

If you ever experience any of the following, the Otsukai support team will investigate as possible:

- Suspicions regarding item prices

- Suspicions regarding bootleg items

- Items not getting shipped

- Items arriving damaged

- Receiving different items to the ones you paid for

and anything else that you feel Otsukai should know.

It is impossible for the Japanese users to make off with your money without sending you the item(s) from the offer you accepted, so you can be rest-assured that you won't be missing out.

Otsukai also only allows shipping methods which include a tracking number, so as to give both you and the Friend peace of mind regarding the location of the item. We also encourage our users to choose shipping methods which include insurance on the package contents. 

You can read more on the shipping methods used on Otsukai here:

[About Shipping]

The Support Team Is Here for You

The Otsukai support team is made up of Japanese and English-speakers all located at the Otsukai main office in Osaka, Japan. Each member has rich experience dealing with Japanese merchandise (especially anime merchandise!), so feel free to contact them any time if you have any questions.

Perhaps you are not sure how to express what it is you are trying to request and are looking for some advice on what to write.

Perhaps you are confused about an offer made to you and would like us to confirm with the Friend. Just let us know!

You can contact the support team by making a new ticket here:

[Contact the Otsukai Support Team]

Although you can make a ticket at any time, we can only respond during our office hours, which is Monday-Friday 09:00 - 18:00 JST (excluding Japanese national holidays).