What is Otsukai?

Otsukai is a service that helps you get hold of Japan-only anime and manga merchandise with the help of Friends in Japan who can purchase it on your behalf! The Japanese word 'Otsukai' means 'errand', and you can send Friends from all over Japan to buy items that are usually not available outside Japan.
Additionally, the prices offered to you already have shippings costs and service charges included in the price, so the price you see is the final price you pay! 

Requesting an Item

When you place a request for the items you want to buy, a Friend living in Japan will buy it for you. 

STEP 1: Place a request

Let Otsukai Friends know what items you want. There are two buttons on the homepage that take let you request an item: ‘Go on and request an item!’ and the red round button in the lower right corner which says ‘Request an item +’. After clicking one of these buttons you will redirected to the sign up page. 

You can also find the item request page here:

STEP 2: Wait for a Friend in Japan to make an offer

All you have to do now that you have placed a request is to wait for a Friend living in Japan to make an offer. You can manage your requests from ‘My page’ (which you can access by clicking the icon in the upper right corner). The Friend can make an offer to send either brand new or secondhand items.

STEP 3: Accept the best offer

Choose the Friend that you feel has made the best offer and satisfies your conditions and send this specific Friend on an errand. Choose the requested item from ‘Requested items’ list on My Page, visit the item’s detail page and click on ‘Confirm this offer’.

STEP 4: Make payment

After you click on the button ‘Confirm this offer.’ you will be shown the details as confirmation. Click on ‘Submit’ in order to pay for the items. You will then be redirected to PayPal’s payment page. 

* Please follow the instructions on PayPal.

STEP 5: Receive your item

You will receive a notification when the Friend has sent your items. You can see the order details on My Page’s ‘Requested items’, by clicking on the correct item.

Please confirm the receipt of your items by clicking ‘The item has arrived’ once you have received your order. You can find this button by clicking on the item under the 'Requested Items' on My Page.

If you don’t click on this button your Friend will not receive the payment they are entitled to, so please click the button as soon as your items arrive.

STEP 6: Rate your Friend

This is your last step. Please rate your Friend, the person who sent the items to you. 

Before You Start

Please be be careful to familiarize yourself with the following points before you use Otsukai. Happy requesting!

Regarding Language

Please keep in mind that Otsukai is a service that is being used by Japanese Friends and fans of manga, anime etc. worldwide. Therefore requests have to be made in either English, Japanese or a mix of both languages. Requests made in any other language will be deleted without notice. 

Regarding Payment

We only currently accept payments via PayPal. All payments are calculated in United States Dollars. After confirming the Friend’s offer you will be redirected to the PayPal page. PayPal is a safe way of completing transactions because of its secure and encrypted website and buyer’s protection. Read more about PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/

You, the user, make payment to Otsukai when you accept the offer. We keep this money safe until your item arrives, then we will send it to the Friend who sent you the items.

Regarding Fees

Please note that the price your Friends offer you include a 10system charge. By paying with PayPal another 8% currency conversion charge will be added on top of shipping costs etc. Therefore, the price that the Friend offers you is the final price you pay. We are currently working on adding different payment methods, which means that by paying with credit card etc. the 8% PayPal charges will not apply.

Regarding Customs Charges

It is possible that your items may be held by customs in your country for some days or longer due to tax inspection. Depending on your country, you may have to pay duty on your items. Please understand that neither Otsukai nor the Friend (the person who procured the item on your behalf) are responsible for any extra charges.

Regarding Restricted Items

Some items may be prohibited. You can see a list of those items here: https://otsukaimangatokyo.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/35000045986-list-of-items-prohibited-or-restricted-to-import
Please also be aware that there may be additionally restrictions depending on your country. Otsukai take no responsibility if you order something that cannot be imported into your country.

Regarding Cancellations and Returns

You can not cancel your requests after payment. Please carefully check your inserted information before placing a request.

Items cannot be returned. Please carefully check the information you enter when placing a request.

Need Help?

  • Please check the FAQ if you have any problems. You can find the FAQ button at the end of the Otsukai page or at the following link https://otsukaimangatokyo.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/35000185311
  • Is your question not listed? Please contact us via the Otsukai Support Center by creating a ‘New support ticket’. Insert the required information and write down your question in English, Japanese or German only. We will come back to you as soon as possible. 


  • Please understand that our company is not responsible for products which are defected, in bad condition, are missing parts, did not arrive, are part of a scam, damaged in transit, etc. 
  • Bear in mind that after successful payment no returns, exchanges, refunds or cancellations can be made. 
  • Our company can not be held responsible for items that are confiscated or disposed of after customs inspections.
  • We do not provide any information, guarantee / warranty or support for items purchased via Otsukai.

Please read the Terms of Use prior to using our service: https://otsukaimangatokyo.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/35000032530-terms

Are you ready to request an item? Go on and do it here: https://otsukai.manga.tokyo/item/create