How do I place a Request?

  1. Please create an account and log into Otsukai to create a Request.

  2. There is one pink/orange round button in the lower right corner which says + Request an item. | APP: You will find a pink/orange + button right in the middle of the menu bar in the lower part of your screen. (If you can't see this button due so some reason, you can create a Request by using this link )

  3. Enter the required information for your Request and click on Create. You will then see a confirmation window, which displays your inserted information. 

  4. Click on Submit if your information is correct. 

  5. Click on Cancel if you want to correct anything. 

  6. The more detailed your Request is, the better. You can also write your preferred shipping method into the title or description.

  7. Please check our List of Items Prohibited or Restricted to Import before requesting an item. Please also understand that Otsukai only deals with officially licensed products (with a few small exceptions). If you request an unlicensed item, Otsukai may delete the Request or stop Friends from making offers.

  8. Please note that you can only create Requests in either English or Japanese, or a mix of both languages. We will ignore or delete Requests made in any other language.

Is posting a Request already legally binding? / From which point on does my Request become an obligatory order?

Please use this service only if you are willing to purchase the requested items. It becomes a legally binding contract from the time you accept an offer and pay for it.

How do I upload a 'Reference image'?

Click on the Upload image button and choose a file max. 10 MB on your computer and open it. The image will then appear as Uploaded image.

I can’t upload a picture. / My picture doesn’t show up.

If you can’t upload a picture the file may be too big. Please try another one smaller than 10 MB, or just leave it blank. A picture is not a required detail. 

What kind of reference link is needed? / What should the link include?

The link should include images and further description regarding the item you want to obtain. Try to provide as much information as possible to make it smoother to look for the item. 

What makes a good Request?

A good Request will be short, simple and to the point. Remember, most of the Friends are not proficient in English, so unnecessary information is unneeded and may cause confusion.

Things we like:

+ Series name

+ Character name (even better if you describe what the character looks like e.g 'the one with blue hair')

+ Item description
+ A photo / reference URL

+ If relevant, the name of the event the item was sold at
+ If there are multiple items in the picture you uploaded, please circle / describe the item you want

Things we don't like:

- Very vague descriptions (e.g 'I want any Totoro' or 'a figure from any anime')

- Unnecessary information (e.g 'This is for my friend' / 'I looked but could not find it anywhere' / 'I love this character!')

- Haggling (i.e. asking for discounts). You are welcome to state your budget in the description and we can accept you asking for small discounts in certain cases. However, if the item offered is expensive, it is mostly because the ITEM is expensive. There is no way to reduce the price in these cases. 

- Constantly editing your description to change your preferred price. (This will not make the item cheaper)

- Requests for non-Japanese items (Kpop stuff is okay only if it's Japan-exclusive)

- Making the same Request multiple times within a few days (this may cause us to suspend your account)

Can I Contact the Friend Directly?

Otsukai acts as a go-between for you and the Friend in Japan. This is for multiple reasons. The first is to lessen the disadvantages of the language barrier, as many of the Friends speak limited English. The second is for both your and the Friends' safety. The Friend does not receive payment until you tell us that you have received the item, preventing you from being targeted by scammers. In the same vein, the Friend does not need to attempt to get hold of the item until they know you have paid Otsukai, which also keeps the Friend safe from potential scammers who would have no intention of paying anything.
If you need to contact the Friend for any reason, please contact us by creating a support ticket. Don't forget to include your username and URL of the Request you have an inquiry about.
Any users that attempt to include their personal information (including email address, phone number, Instagram/ Twitter handles etc.) will have their Request deleted without warning. Multiple offenders will be banned.
If any Friends include their personal information in their offers or on their profiles, DO NOT attempt to contact them. Please report the user by creating a support ticket.